ISBN 9789331316844,Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789331316844

ISBN-10 9331316844


Language (English)

Water Resources

This book on Water Resouces Management makes a profound study on a subject of utmost importance to world society. The book is a result of author's extensive research project with the Ministry of Environment. And Forests (MEF). It was a pioneer environmental scientist of India, Dr. T.N. Khoshoo who suggestes that the author should work on water resouces management project. He was Secretary of MOEF with a wide vision on sustainable development having delivered the Presidential Address to Indian Science Congress in 1986. The book therefore made a futurist studies of global needs of water resources. Today manking has found that civilization cannot grow, and economic and sustainable development cannot be achived unless we have a new vision for international cooperation to use global and national waters with great care and with an eye for conservation. The chapters in the book provide various practices by states for their management patters of water resources. However, mankind have lost almost 25 years just planning to prevent misuse of water for industries and fo society in genral. New vision is needed to save water rersouces for minimum needs fo world society. Water is needed for food security, forest management, wastel and areas, and for drinking. Rain harvesting has a new hope for planning institutions. Outer space satellites like Risat provide global images of earth resouces, including water resources and ground waters. Thus integrated inter-disciplinary studies are needed to plan our cities with adequate water resouces. There are good plans to inter-link rivers, save waters from floods areas, and promote mutual help between states to share waters from floods areas, and promote mutual help between states to share waters from floods areas, and promote mutual help between states to share waters ecological, and help in disaster management. India and Bangladesh have recently shown vision for cooperation for water resouces management. The Himalayan region is another critical area to provide for sustainable management of waters. Glaciers are melting. Monsoons are a big sources for waters in India. An accurate forecast based on space exploration gives time tot use all rain waters for development. Agriculturist pioneers like Prof. M.S. Swaminathan have combined with leading space scientist like Prof. U.R. Rao to provide food security and spread crops in new areas by combining knowledge from space remote sensing and agriculture production based on bio-sciences. Indeed Indian science and the Planning Commission are a great optimist lot who now informa us that 8 to 9 percent long-term growth is seen possible. Hence poverty can be removed by proper and sustainable uses of water resouces in India. India thus provides a global model for ecological uses of water resources.
This book should make people in general joyful that Indian science and knowledge can harvest enough waters for use of all sections of society. Let us all work to save waters and promote sustainable development.

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