ISBN 9781400050161,Way To The Top

Way To The Top


The Crown Estate



The Crown Estate

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9781400050161

ISBN-10 1400050162


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


From the most visible and self-confident person in businesscomes invaluable, hard-hitting advice he elicitedfrom people who have succeeded in everything fromFortune 500 companies to family-owned businesses.

Donald Trump is the boss, at least on NBC's TheApprentice, and if you don't want to hear theboss say, "you're fired!," you need to know howto succeed. And who better to tell you than those whohave done it themselves?

Trump asked many of the brightest, most successfulbusinesspeople he knows-and some he doesn'tknow-to answer this question: What's the best businessadvice you've ever received? The resulting answerscomprise a body of wisdom and wit that cuts to thecore secrets of business success. Trump solicited guidancefrom executives at companies large and small,from well-known icons such as Staples, AmericanAirlines,Verizon, and Lillian Vernon to family-run operationslike Orleans Homebuilders.

The entries range from entreaties expressed in a fewwords to intriguing vignettes or lists of guiding principles.All are illuminating, instructive, and insightful,often discussing tenets and values that too frequentlyare forgotten amid the everyday details and demands ofrunning any business.