ISBN 9788170295211,We can use the Computers - A

We can use the Computers - A


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9788170295211

ISBN-10 8170295211


Language (English)

Computer programming

A Birthday Party (Grade 1) introduces students to basic computer concepts and applications with fun and effective grade-level-appropriate hands-on activities. Each book centers on a fun, grade-appropriate theme, such as a class picnic or a cross-country trip, and covers topics such as: computer basics, word processing, drawing and graphics, databases, and spreadsheets applied to each theme. Exercises can be completed with or without a computer and teach about all types of computers and common software applications. These Teacher's Editions of We Can Use the Computer are available for grades 1-6 along with the corresponding Student Edition. See below for additional recommendations.

 About the Author 

Rachel Biheller Bunin has been writing and editing books on computer applications for almost 25 years. She has been an invited speaker on PowerPoint and presentation graphics at several national conferences. Rachel received a Masters in Educational Technology from Fordham University.