ISBN 9789384180850,We The People

We The People


Lalima Yadav



Moments Publications

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789384180850

ISBN-10 9384180858

Paper Back

Language (English)

Literature fiction

About the book :- In the world of today, we have many social evils existing within the society, that we live in. Take a look! around and you'll find CRIME, bullying, racism, discrimination, illiteracy, child sexual abuse and the list goes on. How to get out of it? What to do? In my opinion, literature will play a huge part in trying to get the nation to eradicate all such evils and a shape a better society. So, keeping this in my mind, I have penned down the feelings and emotions on the behalf of the victims of such social evils so that people could realize their pain and agony buried in their hearts. This book is an initiative by me to create awareness in the society, esp. the young minds. This book is a motivation in its own way. It is the time to take a stand, raise your voice and, bring a change. Each endeavor that is undertaken by anyone against evils is a worth contribution to the society. Uniqueness of the book is a topic itself, nowhere, a poetry book on the social issues had been presented ever therefore in its own range this book is for everyone because you are too a part of this world where the social evils exist and time has come to be a part of a nobel deed and transform the society

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