ISBN 9788132101215,Weapons of Mass Destruction : Options for India

Weapons of Mass Destruction : Options for India


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132101215

ISBN-10 8132101219


Number of Pages 136 Pages
Language (English)


This book deals with the complex and changing U.S. relations with India and Pakistan in the sixty years since World War II. It carries a series of brief sketches on how twelve U.S. presidents, starting with Franklin Roosevelt, perceived and dealt with South Asia. The author proposes that though there are broad historical patterns in which the policies and decisions of these American presidents can be classified, yet their unique personalities and ideological predispositions also played a role in the political choices they made. Since none of them ever had any substantial experience with South Asia prior to assuming office, probing the reasons for their preferences and decisions is an enlightening and interesting exercise. With the unfolding of the South Asia policies of the new U.S. President, Barrack Obama, this book will provide the much needed background study to the readers. Table of Contents Prelude World War II and the Roosevelt Administration The Truman Administration (1945-1953) The Eisenhower Administration (1953-1961) The Kennedy Administration (1961-1963) The Johnson Administration (1963 to 1969) The Nixon Administration (1969-1974) The Ford Administration (1974-1977) The Carter Administration (1977-1981) The Reagan Administration (1981-1989) The Bush-1 Administration (1989-1993) The Clinton Administration (1993-2001) The Bush-2 Administration (2001-2009) Postscript Notes References Index