ISBN 9788183330084,Web Enabled Commercial Application Development Using HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Perl CGI - 3rd Edn.

Web Enabled Commercial Application Development Using HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Perl CGI - 3rd Edn.


Ivan Bayross


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788183330084

ISBN-10 8183330088


Edition 4th
Number of Pages 428 Pages
Language (English)

Computer science

There are thousands of books available that teach HTML, DHTML, Java Script. All of them use code examples. This leads to a really good understanding of a programming environment. However, how and where these examples can be used is not addressed by many of them. This is similar to a trainee cook, who knows all the ingredients as well as standard techniques used in cooking. However, cannot create any dish without the express help from an outside source. It is precisely this issue that this book seeks to address.

This book also has examples; however each example builds into something bigger. The HTML examples build a simple but elegant web site. The projects included, help hone and strengthen the skills that the reader has learned in HTML. The author has tried to repeat this model in DHTML, Java Script and Perl.

The book focuses on the learning of Perl on the Windows platform. This makes it different from all the Perl books focused on the UNIX platform. The accompanying CD-ROM has a complete Perl install for Windows 95 and 98. This works with all the Perl examples. Try them out on your standalone Windows machine. M.S. Personal Web Server (MSPWS) would be required to run as the web server of choice. It works well with all the files. This is a free download from the Microsoft web site. The Perl install, will work with IIS on NT as well. The book’s move addresses the needs of entry level web developers to intermediate to advanced web developers. There is something for most web developers in the book’s content and on the CD-ROM. There is a whole lot of web stuff on the CD-ROM, which can be used to enhance web skills.



1. Internet Basics
2. Introduction to HTML
3. Lists
4. Adding Graphics to HTML Documents
5. Tables
6. Linking Documents
7. Frames
8. Introduction to JavaScript
9. The JavaScript Document object model
10. Forms used by a Website
11. Cookies
12. Dynamic HTML
13. Introducing PHP
14. Setting up and Configuring PHP o Work UNR Apache and IIS
15. Testing the PHP /Web Server Setup
16. PHP & HTML
17. The Basic of PHP
18. Functions
19. Working with Forms
20 Regular Expressions
21. Debugging and Errors
22. A Standard Challenge and Response System