ISBN 9780340911006,Well Done The Naughtiest Girl Book 8

Well Done The Naughtiest Girl Book 8



Hachette Book Publishing

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780340911006

ISBN-10 034091100X

Paper Back

Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Only one girl can play the piano at the end of the school concert and Elizabeth's rival, Arabella, is practicing hard. Elizabeth deliberately ignores her upcoming exams and starts practicing all the time when she is awake. Even after this, Arabella gets chosen and Elizabeth suddenly becomes aware of her exams and that she might fail them all. She chooses an old oak tree in the school premises to rush through her lessons in the last minute. But she finds out that the tree has been marked to be chopped down soon. She is determined to save the tree as it is home for beautiful little birds and animals. What happens to her studies while she is trying to save the tree? Will she be able to, after all, save it from being chopped down?

About the Authors

Enid Blyton was born in England. She has been regarded as one the most renowned writers of children's books of all time. She was also a poet and teacher. Her adventure, mystery, and fantasy books for children have been best-sellers and have sold millions of copies across the globe. They have been translated into several languages in various continents. Some of the books penned by Enid Blyton are: Child Whispers, The Secret Seven, Noddy, The Enchanted Wood, and Adventures of the Wishing Chair.

Anne Digby is a British children's author. She has penned the famous Trebizon series. She has added six books to Enid Blyton's Naughtiest Girl series. Some of her other notable works are: A Horse Called September; the Me, Jill Robinson series; the Jug Valley Juniors series; Quicksilver Horse and The Big Swim of the Summer