ISBN 9788175992931,What Gandhi Says

What Gandhi Says






Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788175992931

ISBN-10 817599293X


Number of Pages 120 Pages
Language (English)


There has been widespread recognition of the contribution ofthe teachings of Mahatma Gandhi to the tactics underpinningthe revolutionary upsurges in the Middle East and the burgeoningOccupy movements in Europe and the United States. But few haveexamined what Gandhi actually said about the relationship betweennonviolence, resistance and courage. In these pages Norman G.Finkelstein draws on extensive readings of Gandhis oeuvre inorder to set out in clear and concise language the basic principlesof Gandhis approach as well as to pinpoint its contradictions andlimitations.There is much that will surprise here: Gandhi was not a pacifist;he believed in the right of those being attacked to strike back andregarded inaction as a result of cowardice to be a greater sin thaneven the most ill-considered aggression. Gandhis calls for thesacrifice of lives in order to shame the oppressor into concessionscan easily seem chilling and ruthless. But Gandhis insistence that,in the end, peaceful resistance will always be less costly in humanlives than armed opposition, and his understanding that the roleof a protest movement is not primarily to persuade people ofsomething new, but rather to get them to act on behalf of what theyalready accept as right-these principles have profound resonancein the movement for justice and democracy that began to sweepthe world in 2011

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