ISBN 9788130929019,What’S What: General

What’S What: General


Viva Books Pvt Ltd



Viva Books Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788130929019

ISBN-10 8130929015


Number of Pages 72 Pages
Language (English)


Students need wide, varied and practical knowledge to succeed in an age of hard competition. What's What presents a wealth of information and essential everyday skills through enjoyable exercises. The facts and ideas in these books are drawn practically from every branch of knowledge and every walk of life. Spurred on by the engaging lessons, children will explore and discover more on their own.

For young learners there is no division between things done for fun and things that are educational. What's What general knowledge series aims to achieve this educational ideal through the medium of textbooks.

The skills are taught through real-life situations and by explaining how to deal with these situations. The eight books of What's What series will not only inform and entertain children but also refine and enlighten them.


• Nine sections in each book: A Glance at Life; Flora and Fauna; Go Globetrotting; Incredible India; Language and Literature; Stunning Science; Think Quick; Sports and Leisure; and Knowledge Galore

• Glance at Life tells how to solve the everyday questions we struggle to answer

• Think Quick sharpens reasoning and boosts IQ

• Interesting and amazing facts in Fact Boxes

• Board Games that teach good manners and how to keep fit

• Let's Review section for quick recapitulation

• Colourful pictures and appealing layout

• Contemporary and proven approaches to teaching general knowledge