ISBN 9781583147306,When Everything's Said And Done

When Everything's Said And Done


Eboni Snoe


Kimani Press



Kimani Press

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9781583147306

ISBN-10 1583147306


Number of Pages 288 Pages
Language (English)

Biography: general

In her first mainstream fiction novel, Eboni Snoe tells the powerful story of the Robinsons -- three sisters in St. Petersburg, Florida, who grow up in a fatherless family, are fiercely protective of each other throughout their childhood, and share a strong bond that is held together by loyalty and blood . . . until they are tested by their passion for the same man. Brenda, the brainy oldest of the Robinson girls, longs for a father and tries to win her mother's approval by being good in every way. Fellow college student Michael Dawson becomes her first reason to be bad, as she decides to win him -- from her sisters -- any way she can. Annette, the protected baby sister, keeps her eyes on heaven, reading the Bible and preaching the Gospel -- until she develops an overwhelming crush on Michael, the tenant in her family's rental house. She had always dreamed of going to Africa. Now she dreams of Michael . . . as family ties are unraveled, perhaps forever. Cora, the wild middle child and her mother's favorite, savors life by tasting everything in it, including men. A fire burns within her, igniting every life she touches . . . including Michael's. He is drawn to her like a moth to the flame. But who will get burned? Snoe's fiction shines with honesty and powerful compassion as she portrays three different women searching for identity, roots and fulfillment. Poignant and passionate, When Everything's Said & Done sends an unforgettable message about women's strength, unity . . . and the indomitable force of their love.