ISBN 9788124801574,When Time Management Fails

When Time Management Fails






Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788124801574

ISBN-10 8124801576


Number of Pages 296 Pages
Language (English)


When Time Management Fails is based on more than 300 interviews with exceptionally efficient managers. By using examples from typical office settings, anecdotes and excerpts from over 50 interviews, the book shows how some managers create more value for their organizations and obtain greater appreciation, compensation and promotion while at the same time reducing their work hours. When Time Management Fails featured in the Wall Street Journals and was endorsed by 11 bestselling experts in productivity and personal growth. The foreword is written by David Allen, author of the internationally acclaimed bestsellers Getting Things Done and Ready for Anything. To find out more and read twenty per cent of the book FOR FREE visit

About the Author
Hunkar Ozyasar an MBA from one of the worlds top business schools, Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, grew up in Turkey, Germany, and the UK. He began his career as an assistant brand manager at Unilever, where he developed a strong interest in understanding managerial efficiency. He continued to interview managers for When Time Management Fails during the time when he was an entrepreneur and then a copywriter at J. Walter Thompson. In course of his studies he went to Thailand, where he gained valuable insights into the work habits and challenges of Southeast Asian managers. Ozyasar served in the Deutsche Bank when he was quoted in numerous financial publications including Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Table of Contents
PART I: The Basics
1. The Inspiration
2. The Reality of Management
3. How Hard Work Can Ruin Your Career
4. Four Pillars of Managerial Efficiency
5. The Mindset of the Efficient Manager
PART II: Managing People for Maximum Efficiency
6. Building Rewarding Relationships
7. The Easiest Ways to Satisfy Top Management
8. Teaching Your Boss to Leave You Alone
9. Getting What You Want from Peers
10. Getting the Most Out of Subordinates
11. Dealing with Troublemakers
PART III: Polishing Up Your Image To Cut Your Workload
12. Gaining Freedom by Inspiring Confidence
13. Showing How Busy You Are
14. Beating the Last Quarter with Ease
15. Filling Your Face Time Quota
16. Shining in Meetings with Less Effort
17. Simple Strategies to Preserve Your Brand Image
PART IV: Gaining The Power To Do Less
18. Giving Up a Little Fame to Gain a Lot of Speed
19. Gliding through Obstacles with Action Plans
20. Turning Skeptics into Supporters
21. Curbing the Customers Insatiable Appetite
22. Three Classic Mistakes that Drain Your Power
23. A Day in the Life of an Efficient Manager