ISBN 9788129124845,Where Do I Belong?

Where Do I Belong?


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788129124845

ISBN-10 812912484X


Number of Pages 386 Pages
Language (English)


A touching narrative about the struggles of immigrants in an alien culture. Where Do I Belong? follows the life of Rina, a young second-generation Indian living in Denmark and her family, the Shandilyas, who strive to adjust to the realities of life in a foreign land. Rina meets Hari, a student of theology in Copenhagen and causes a stir within her family when she starts dating him, her Uncle Suresh must face the disappointment of his parents when he is divorced by his Danish wife, her friend Smita Bhatt has to settle for any job she can find in a lonely country and the family patriarch Govind Shandilya and his friend Dr. Dev mourn the reduced connections with their culture of origin. Capturing in intimate detail the lives of the individuals of the small Indian community in Denmark, each with their bid to belong, this book showcases the immigrants search for identity and the trials of adapting to life in a new country.

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