ISBN 9788120752634,Whispering Mind

Whispering Mind



Sterling Publishers

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788120752634

ISBN-10 8120752635

Hard Back

Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)


The poems in Whispering Mind are for all who love life; like to live in love; believing in exploring and discovering the inner hidden energy in them; and linking with the supreme energy vibes of the universe. There are poems on self help, travelogue, green poems, life stories, fables, social themes, life principles, fiction, mantra, tantra, mysticism, spirituality. The variety of subjects like shades of life, love, bliss; encapsulating life principles and ideas may appeal to every group of people. Those who believe in celebrating joyful moments like Honey Moon, Valentine?s Day, Father?s Day, Mother?s Day, Birth Day, Marriage Anniversary. Those who feel depressed, hungry for love or face tragedies in life, only belief in the inner energy, its connection with the supreme power in the universe may console the soul. Mind can create catastrophic scenes. Misplaced anxieties, unwarranted worries take away the happiness. If we listen to and train the mind like a mind gymnast, negative feelings can be converted for healing the wounded soul, serving as lullaby for good sleep. It is a story of the energy vibes: Shakti and Shiva or Yin and Yang. Yin or Shakti is a metaphor for dynamic energy and Yang or Shiva, a metaphor for static form of cosmic energy. Some of the poems give further thoughts on worship of mother goddess, the cosmic womb, centrifugal and centripetal forces in the cosmic energy. Whisperings in Sequence Theme One: Spectrum of Life: A Virtual Tour Across Continents Theme Two: Rainbow of Love Theme Three: Towards Awareness, Enlightenment, and Bliss? About The Author K. P. Shashidharan, is an alumnus from the London School of Economics, member of the Indian Audit & Accounts Service, a premier higher civil service in the country. He is currently working as Director General (Commercial) in the office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. He is a prolific writer in prose and poetry, has published more than hundred ?Middles? ? literary, humorous, satirical pieces on the editorial pages and on various themes in leading Indian national English newspapers viz. Hindustan Times, Indian Express, The Pioneer, Times of India and The Hindu. He has travelled extensively in India and abroad and is a man of various talents and passions. Author had never known a time that he wasn't reading or making up stories or poems. The pulling out of a pencil and a notebook and writing a poem or a story has always been a habit since his school days. It was this passion that led to the birth of this beautiful baby, his first book Whispering Minds.