ISBN 9780761935544,Whistling in the Dark : Twenty-One Queer Interviews

Whistling in the Dark : Twenty-One Queer Interviews


Ajit Rao


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SAGE Response

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780761935544

ISBN-10 0761935541


Number of Pages 260 Pages
Language (English)


In today?s business environment, people, rather than products, technology and processes are increasingly becoming the crucial factor in differentiating profitable organizations from those that are not. It is therefore important to understand employee commitment and loyalty in organizations. This book begins by defining loyalty, the types of loyalty (emotional and behavioral) and how these can be measured and interpreted. In a lucid and interactive manner, the author discusses the potency of combining the two types of loyalty to segment employees into different categories which can then yield loyalty rankings. He also details the elements that can be tweaked and managed to impact on the loyalty scores of an employee. The author concludes with the processes involved in building accountability in order to ensure that everyone in the organization is aligned to, and expends energy in, building employee loyalty. Table of Contents Foreword Steven F Walker Preface The 5th P of Marketing Emotional Loyalty Loyalty Segmentation Eleven Factors that Matter The Managerial Grid: Task and People The Task Factors The People Factors Communication The Three Levers The Role of Leadership The Role of HR The Role of the Boss Bibliography Index