ISBN 9789350238134,White Magique:The Power Within

White Magique:The Power Within


Saif Herekar


Shroff Publishers



Shroff Publishers

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350238134

ISBN-10 9350238136


Number of Pages 124 Pages
Language (English)


Greetings and Welcome to the Magical World of infinite Powerthat is waiting to be discovered by you since the first breath youtook at the time of your birth.
My name is Saif Herekar and I am simply in love with life. Ithas been years of varied experiences I have gathered from some ofthe most interesting people I have met. Something beautifulhappened a decade ago, when I got an opportunity to give aninspirational speech at a small gathering and it felt wonderfulwhen someone from the audience said to me that it made a differenceto him. From that day on, I discovered that I was designed anddestined for the people. I have facilitated to thousands of peoplesince then on Leadership, Fear fighting, Confidence building andmore. I have conducted various trainings in industries likePharmaceuticals, Information Technology, Airlines, Hotels, Cruiseliners, Fashion, Animation etc in India and abroad. Since thenthere is no looking back. In my years of experience of meeting andspeaking with people, the one thing that I observed in many wasfear and lack of self confidence. I decided to write on it and ittook the shape of a book called White Magique.
I would like to invite you on a journey with me through thisbook. This journey will speak the story of Failure and Success. Itwill reveal secrets on how to tame your biggest fears and how toconquer like Champions. It is an answer to those incalculablequestions that float around pushing us deeper into the tunnel ofdarkness and failure. This is not just a book; it is a Journey, amission and a story every individual could relate to. Decades ofrich experiences have been brought together in this journey toassist one and all. I call this journey the White Magique as it isthe magical, mystical and pure pathway to strengthen your Body,Mind and Soul. I wish all my readers a very happy journey throughthis book.