ISBN 9780671776091,Whitney, My Love

Whitney, My Love






Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9780671776091

ISBN-10 0671776096


Number of Pages 708 Pages
Language (English)


Whitney, My Love, is a romance saga set in the early 19th century. The story begins with a depiction of McNaught's protagonist, Whitney Stone's, childhood years. Whitney is portrayed as the tomboyish sort, who had little care for her dress or decorum, which was unbecoming of a girl in 18th century England. She grows up under the care of an undemonstrative father, which immediately elicits sympathy for Whitney from the readers. From the start, Whitney has fallen for a man named Paul Sevarin, a gentleman who could care less for her attention or affections. In an effort to put distance between the two, Whitney's father decides to send her to France, where she metamorphoses into a sophisticated and beautiful lady. When Whitney returns to England, she suddenly becomes the most sought after woman in high society. But the only heart Whitney cares to win over is that of Paul Sevarin. Unfortunately, Whitney's father has other plans for his daughter's future. To circumvent bankruptcy, her father draws an agreement with the Duke of Claymore, an arrogant and self-serving man. Whitney is the trade off in the agreement. The Duke make several forceful attempts to seduce and overpower Whitney, but her heart continues to reside with her childhood love. Whitney, My Love was first published in 1986. About Judith McNaught Judith McNaught is an American best-selling author, with more than a dozen contemporary and historical romance novels under her belt. She has authored titles such as Something Wonderful, Someone Like You, Every Breath You Take, Double Exposure, and Night Whispers. McNaught graduated with a business degree from Northwestern University. Before gaining fame as a writer, McNaught worked as an assistant director and executive producer. Whitney, My Love, was her first novel, but it did not sell. After writing and publishing Tender Triumph in 1982, her first novel was also published. McNaught has been married twice. Her husband, Michael McNaught died tragically in an accident. She has two children.