ISBN 9788122205213,Who Invented What When

Who Invented What When


David Ellyard


Orient Publishing



Orient Publishing

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788122205213

ISBN-10 8122205216


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Careers & vocational information & reference

Over 500 Years of Inventions. Inventions are the stuff of dreams, quickly gaining widespread use, becoming central to our culture and ultimately changing our lives. Combining curious and colourful anecdotes with intricate research, Who Invented What When introduces you to the technologies, inventions and innovations that have changed our lives in the last 500 years. Focusing on the most significant scientific milestones, this ready reference presents fascinating facts about amazing inventions and some of the most important inventors in a collection of 195 engaging reads. Arranged chronologically, the book places key inventions, innovations and inventors in a context of time, place and circumstances. You will meet the people involved, discover their ingenuity and persistence, their triumphs and tragedies and how the invention was created. To help you explore that book, the contents are placed by 'When', 'What' and 'Who'. With encyclopaedic breadth, the book follows a diverse list of inventions from their earliest manifestations through to their most current incarnations, whilst also revealing how some of today's greatest inventions came about by accident or chance. Often overlooked inventors are discussed, giving them their rightful place amongst the celebrated minds from the past, while controversies regarding attribution are exposed and explored. This concise and consistently organized book tells us a great deal about man's restless quest for laws, theories and tools to master this universe. It is spirited and engaging look at human creativity and endeavour for knowledge, science and technology