ISBN 9788192719108,Why Did I Fall In Love Part 2

Why Did I Fall In Love Part 2


Vinod Pardhi


Triumph Publishing



Triumph Publishing

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788192719108

ISBN-10 8192719103


Language (English)

Love and Romance

It is said that blessed are the people who prospers in the garden of their own parents. This is a story of eternal love and valuable relationships that comes in the form of different colours in our lives. Author has penned down this novel to fulfill a promise that was given by him to the narrator, with whom he met co-incidentally via an electronic correspondence. Nirbhay, who is the lead protagonist, met Aditi on the first day of their college, and fell in love with her at her first sight. Things never go in the manner we plan; often life is entwined with twists and unwanted changes. An unwanted reason separates both of them apart which results in a big dispute, and later when everything seems to be working out, Saturn again turn things to their worst. The promise that Nirbhay made to Aditi lasted forever, the promise that Ankush made to Nirbhay lasted forever, and the promise that the Author made with the storyteller lasted eternally. Promises are meant to be broken, but not all the time. About the Author: Born on 21st March 1983 in Nagpur, Vinod spent his childhood at Katol (Dist: Nagpur) and college life at Wardha. He started working with Wipro InfoTech Pune and then moved to his home town Nagpur and is currently working with one of the topmost IT Company in Nagpur as Linux Engineer. He has a keen interest in Romantic non-fiction stories, and is trying to write each and every story related to realism. Apart from working in IT and writing, he spends his time in listening music, painting, kids photography, managing home aquarium and reading Indian authors. "Why did I fall in Love" was his debut novel.