ISBN 9788121211550,Why Reservation For Muslims

Why Reservation For Muslims



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788121211550

ISBN-10 8121211557

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Why Reservation for MuslimThere is a wide range of variations in the conditions of Muslims across the country but one thing is certain that Muslims as a whole exhibit the perceived discrimination and deprivation practically in every segment. The Sachhar Committee Report and the Misra Commission findings too have revealed that Muslims are economically, educationally, socially and culturally, a miserable lot. In many respects they are worse than scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. They are under siege due to lack of education, shrinking political space, deprivation and frustration. They are at the lowest pedestal of the society and need affirmative actions to bring them within the national milieu.A debate is going on throughout the country to uplift the conditions of Muslims through affirmative measures, however due to lack of authentic material of the subject, the government as well as the political parties and the meaningful people are finding it difficult to evolve an appropriate strategy.Misra Commission has suggested welfare measures for the development of weaker sections of Muslims including reservation in educational institutions and employment in government sectors on the pattern of SCs/STs and backward classes. It has also chalked out the modalities for the implementation of its recommendations within the frame work of Indian Constitution. However, there is a sense of despair among Muslims pertaining to the implementation of Misra commission report because they have seen the fate of Sachhar committee report.It is a golden opportunity for the government to show its strong will and compassion for the Muslims by bailing them out from the morass in which they have been dragging for several decades. The implementation of Misra commission recommendations with earnestness and urgency they deserve will not only benefit Muslim community but would enhance India's prestige as a secular democracy and reflect upon the large-hearted tolerance of Indian society and would go a along way in enriching the age-old pluralistic culture of the country.