ISBN 9780071331807,Wiki Brands : Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace

Wiki Brands : Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780071331807

ISBN-10 0071331808


Number of Pages 464 Pages
Language (English)


"A must-read for business leaders, managers, and just about anyone who wants to recognize and tap into the incredible creative energy of customers and stakeholders." -- Richard Florida, bestselling author of The Rise of the Creative Class "Marketers should follow the course laid out by Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover, which leads us into a new brand future of pull, not push, and of conversation, not control." -- B. Josep h Pine II, bestselling author, The Experience Economy "Thoughtful, innovative, and most of all practical. If your organization wants to deploy technology to build better client relationships, Wikibrands will show you how." -- Keith Ferrazzi, bestselling author, Never Eat Alone "Your brand can share control to create value. With the changing role of consumers, every brand is a lie, not a promise. But Wikibrands offers marketers a rich understanding of how social media can drive engagement for brands that make them true." -- Ross Mayfield , Chairman, President, and co-founder, Socialtext "A must-read for the hungry marketer!? -- Julie Roehm, Backslash Meta, LLC "The path forward presented in Wikibrands is brightly illuminated, helping change the landscape in an area ready for consumer-driven, open innovation." -- David Smith, Global Managing Director, Accenture, and Co-Author of Workforce of One : Revolutionizing Talent Management Through Customization "A behind-the-curtain look at how you should be engaging your customer directly in the branding process. Ignore this important book at your own peril." -- Saul Kaplan, Founder and Chief Catalyst, Business Innovation Factory TABLE OF CONTENTS Part 1 THE WIKIBRANDS STORY Chapter 1. The Birth of Wikibrands Chapter 2. The Wikibrand Rallying Cry Chapter 3. A Wikibrand Road Map Part 2 REINVENTING THE MARKETING PARADIGM Chapter 4. The Six Benefits of Wikibrands Chapter 5. A Wikibrand Culture Part 3 THE FLIRT MODEL?BUILDING A WIKIBRAND Chapter 6. Focus Chapter 7. Language and Content Chapter 8. Incentives, Motivations, and Outreach Chapter 9. Rules, Guidelines, and Rituals Chapter 10. Tools and Platforms Part 4 INCUBATING YOUR WIKIBRAND COMMUNITY Chapter 11. Community Development Chapter 12. Internalizing Community and Channeling Tom Sawyer Chapter 13. Community Management Chapter 14. Measurement and Metrics Part 5 APPLYING WIKIBRANDS BEYOND THE CORPORATION Chapter 15. The Personal Wikibrand Chapter 16. The Future Part 6 THE WIKIBRANDS PRIMER Chapter 17. Reference Guide Endnotes Index