ISBN 9788126523573,Windows 7 Secrets

Windows 7 Secrets



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788126523573

ISBN-10 8126523573


Number of Pages 1080 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Books

Windows 7 Secrets cuts through the hype and explains how things work, what's new and different, and how you can best optimize the new OS for your needs and wants. Utilizing the time-tested Secrets formula, Windows 7 Secrets goes where other Windows books fear to tread, and does so with witty, conversational language that doesn't speak down to the reader or waste time with basic computer use concepts. Put simply, Windows 7 Secrets tells you what you need to know to go from Windows user to Windows expert. Windows 7 Secrets will build off of Windows Vista Secrets SP1 Edition and will include hundreds of secrets, tips, tables, and illustrations. It will provide point-by-point comparisons of Windows 7 features and functionality to those in Windows XP and Vista, providing an invaluable resource for upgraders. The book will also explain how other products in the Windows ecosystem--like Windows Live, Mobile, and Home Server--are essential to the core OS and "complete" the Windows 7 experience.

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