ISBN 9788126538331,Windows 8 for Dummies

Windows 8 for Dummies


Andy Rathbone



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788126538331

ISBN-10 8126538333


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Windows 8 For Dummies, written by Andy Rathbone, gives the readers a complete coverage of the new and upgraded OS from Microsoft, Windows 8.
Summary Of The Book
Andy Rathbone’s bestselling guide to Windows 8 introduces the users to the newest version of this operating system. Extremely useful for new users, as well as for those who have upgraded to Windows 8, Windows 8 For Dummies covers all the activities which are common to all versions, as well as those which are new to Windows 8.
The book will show how to work with files, navigate the internet and the interface, manage media, and how to setup your email account. It guides the users through the basics such as managing and saving files, core desktop components, Windows search, printing and also using the new operating system for cloud computing. It shows the user how to use the latest version of the web browser, Internet Explorer, and details about the security and virus protection needed for your computer. It also teaches the user how to organize photos and add music to the media player, create a DVD, and address common problems.
Beginning with the Introduction, the book is divided into 8 parts. Part 1 includes most of the basic features of the Operating System, The Traditional Desktop, The New Start Screen, Basic Desktop Window Mechanics, and Internal Storage, External Storage, and Storage In The Sky.
Part 2 is Working With Programs, Apps, and Files. This includes Playing With the Apps, Program, and Documents, Printing the Work, and Finding the Lost. The 3rd part introduces the user to how they can surf the Internet and work on it using Windows 8. It includes Safe Computing, Surfing the Web and Managing Online Social tasks, which includes how one can manage emails, Messaging, People, and Calendars.
The fourth part, Customising and Upgrading Windows, includes topics like Customizing the new Windows 8 version with the Control Panel, Sharing the Computer with Several People and Connecting your Computers With a Network. Part 5 is Music, Photos and Movies.
Part 6 is Help, and contains topics like Strange Messages and Help On The Windows 8. Part 7 has 2 chapters titled Things That Users Will hate About Windows 8 and Tips For Touchscreen Owners.
Windows For Dummies is the number one bestselling tech book of all time, with combined editions selling almost 15 million copies.
About Andy Rathbone
Born in San Diego, California, Andy Rathbone graduated in comparative literature from San Diego State University in 1986.
Rathbone has also written Upgrading and Fixing Computers Do-it-Yourself For Dummies, Motorola XOOM for Dummies, and Windows Vista for Dummies.
Rathbone started his writing career as a freelancer for computer magazines. His books have been on bestseller lists of USA Today, New York Times, and Publisher’s Weekly. Apart from books, he also writes for magazines, websites, and newspapers. Rathbone has been writing since the 80s, and has more than 50 books to his credit. Rathbone lives in Ocean Beach, California, with his wife, Tina.

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Table of Contents


Part I: Windows 8 Stuff Everybody Thinks You Already Know
Chapter 1: What Is Windows 8?
Chapter 2: The Mysterious New Start Screen
Chapter 3: The Traditional Desktop
Chapter 4: Basic Desktop Window Mechanics
Chapter 5: Storage: Internal, External, and in the Sky
Part II: Working with Programs, Apps, and Files
Chapter 6: Playing with Programs, Apps, and Documents
Chapter 7: Finding the Lost
Chapter 8: Printing Your Work
Part III: Getting Things Done on the Internet
Chapter 9: Cruising the Web
Chapter 10: Being Social: Mail, People, Calendar, and Messaging
Chapter 11: Safe Computing
Part IV: Customizing and Upgrading Windows
Chapter 12: Customizing Windows 8 with the Control Panel
Chapter 13: Keeping Windows from Breaking
Chapter 14: Sharing One Computer with Several People
Chapter 15: Connecting Computers with a Network
Part V: Music, Photos, and Movies
Chapter 16: Playing and Copying Music in Media Player
Chapter 17: Fiddling with Photos (and Movies)
Part VI: Help!
Chapter 18: The Case of the Broken Window
Chapter 19: Strange Messages: What You Did Does Not Compute
Chapter 20: Moving from an Old PC to a New Windows 8 PC
Chapter 21: Help on the Windows 8 Help System
Part VII: The Part of Tens
Chapter 22: Ten Things You'll Hate about Windows 8 (and How to Fix Them)
Chapter 23: Ten or So Tips for Touchscreen Owners