ISBN 9780761935940,Winning Strategies for Business

Winning Strategies for Business


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780761935940

ISBN-10 0761935940

Hard Back

Number of Pages 683 Pages
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Declassified documents are arguably the premier vantage for understanding global governance, current security concerns and the international market. This book`s introduction provides a comprehensive review of world politics, defining the US and India as actors at this critical juncture. The documents cover not only US-India bilateral relations during the formative years, but also US relations with colonial powers and its role in global governance. Documents include papers from the Presidential Libraries?FDR to Carter, the White House, National Security Council, Office of Strategic Services, Central Intelligence Agency, and selections from Foreign Relations Department`s Diplomatic Papers, reports of US Agency for International Development, Divisional Reports from the Department of State, and cables from several US embassies. The first volume explores the following topics: US Foreign Policy, US & UK relations, US & USSR in the near and Far East, Nehru, India`s Foreign Policy, India and Pakistan, and Aid. The volume is the first in a series to provide declassified documents spanning the Franklin D Roosevelt-Carter years. Other volumes in the series will examine India-China relations, India-Pakistan conflicts of 1965 and 1971, Kashmir, Nuclear Proliferation, and the Soviet and Chinese influence on India-US relations as well. Table of Contents Acknowledgements Introduction American Foreign Policy United States and Great Britain United States and The Soviet Union: Near and Far East Jawaharlal Nehru India?s Foreign Policy India and Pakistan Aid US Worldwide Index