ISBN 9788189107345,Winning The Interview Game

Winning The Interview Game



Indra Publishing House

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788189107345

ISBN-10 8189107348


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


Table Of Contents Preface Acknowledgments Part I: Let the Game Begin: The Preparation Chapter 1 Prepare for Perfection: Before the Interview How Susan Got the Interview Rules of the Game Behaviour-Based Interviewing The Vignette Strategy Elevator Drill Do I Ask Questions? Practice, Practice, Practice Part II: Game Plan: Interview Strategy and Tactics Chapter 2 Find an Opening Connection: Establish Rapport View from Behind the Desk of the Vice President ? Human Resources The Morning of the Interview The Moment of Truth Establishing Rapport Chapter 3 Meander Through the Middle: Bulging with Questions Power of Perception Use of Preparation Knowledge Facing an Experienced Interviewer The Inexperienced Interviewer A Discouraging Interviewer Illegal Questions Frequently Asked Questions Neutralize the Age Issue Big Company Small Frequently Job Changes Changing Industries Long-Term Unemployment Overqualified The Interview Game Continues Chapter 4 End with a Lasting Impression: Any Interviewer, Any Venue The Beginning of the End You Want to Know My Salary? Request for References Document the Interview