ISBN 9780070700437,Winning The Loser's Game : Timeless Strategies For Successful Investing

Winning The Loser's Game : Timeless Strategies For Successful Investing



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780070700437

ISBN-10 0070700435


Edition 5th
Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


Peter Drucker referred to Winning the Loser's Game as by far the best book on investment policy and management. Now, in it's fifth edition, the investing classic has been updated and improved. With refreshing candor, straight talk, and good humor, Winning the Loser's Game helps individual investors succeed with their investments and control their financial futures. Ellis, dubbed ?Wall Street's Wisest Man by Money magazine, has been showing investors for three decades how stock markets really work and what individuals can do to be sure they are long-term winners. Applying wisdom gained from half a century of working with the leading investment managers and securities firms around the world, Ellis explains how to avoid common traps and get on the road to investment success. Winning the Loser's Game helps you set realistic objectives and develop a sensible strategy. You will learn how to: Create an investment program based on the realities of markets Use the unfair index fund to succeed, even in tumultuous markets Institute an annual review process to steer your investments well into the future Maximize investing success through five stages, from earning and saving through investing, estate planning, and giving The need for a trustworthy investing guide has never been greater. Sixty million individuals with 401(k)s are now responsible for making important investment decisions. They know they're not experts but don't know whom to trust. Winning the Loser's Game explains why conventional investing is a loser's game, and how you can easily make it a winner's game! TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. The Loser's Game 2. Beating the Market 3. Mr. Market and Mr. Value 4. The Investor's Dream Team 5. Investor's Risk 6. Your Unfair Competitive Advantage 7. The Paradox 8. Time 9. Returns 10. Investment Risks 11. Building Portfolios 12. Why Policy Matters 13. The Winner's Game 14. Performance Measurement 15. Estimating the Market--Roughly 16. The Individual Investor 17. Selecting Mutual Funds 18. Thoughts for the Wealthy 19. Institutional Investing and You 20. Best Practice Investment Committees 21. Disaster 22. Planning Your Play 23. Now What? 24. Endgame 25. You Are Now Good to Go! 26. Parting Tips