ISBN 9781284059274,Wireless and Mobile Device Security

Wireless and Mobile Device Security



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Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781284059274

ISBN-10 1284059278

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WAP (wireless) technolog

Description:  The world of wireless and mobile devices is evolving day-to-day, with many individuals relying solely on their wireless devices in the workplace and in the home. The growing use of mobile devices demands that organizations become more diligent in securing this growing technology and determining how best to protect their information assets. Written by an industry expert. Wireless and Mobile Device Security explores the evolution from wired networks to wireless networking and its impact on the corporate world. Using real-world events, it goes on to discuss risk assessments, threats, and the vulnerabilities of wireless networks, as well as the security measures that should be put in place to mitigate breaches. The text concludes with a look at the three major mobile operating systems, the vulnerabilities of each, security solutions, and the management and control of mobile devices on an enterprise scale. 

Key Features: 
!  Discusses the history and evolution of wireless networks 
!  Explores the impact of wireless on the corporate world 
!  Focuses on 802.11 WLAN security in both the small office/home office world and for large organizations 
!    Gives security solutions to the risks and vulnerabilities of mobile devices 
!  Reviews the mobile malware landscape and discusses mitigation strategies 
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PART ONE: Introduction to Wireless and Mobile Networks

Chapter 1: The Evolution of Data Networks ! The Dawn of Data Communication ! Early Data Networks ! The Internet Revolution ! Advances in Personal Computers ! Mobile Phones and the Creation of the Other New Network ! Computers Go Mobile ! The Convergence of Mobile and Data Networks ! Business Challenges Addressed by Wireless Networking ! IP Mobility ! The Impact of Bring Your Own Device ! Common Operating Environment ! BYOD: An IT Perspective and Policy ! The Basic Tenets of Network Security ! The Evolution of Cybercrime ! Wireless Network Security ! Mobile IP Security ! Chapter SUMMARY ! KEY CONCEPTS AND TERMS ! Chapter 1 ASSESSMENT

Chapter 2: The Evolution of Wired Networking to Wireless Networking ! Networking and the Open System Interconnection Reference Model ! The Seven Layers of the OSI Reference Model ! Communicating over a Network ! The Data Link Layer ! The Physical Layer ! From Wired to Wireless ! The Economic Impact of Wireless Networking ! Wireless Networking and the Way People Work ! Health Care ! Warehousing and Logistics ! Retail ! General Business and Knowledge Workers ! The Wi-Fi Market ! How Wi-Fi Affects Developing Nations ! The Internet of Things ! Chapter SUMMARY ! KEY CONCEPTS AND TERMS ! Chapter 2 ASSESSMENT

Chapter 3: The Mobile Revolution ! Introduction to Cellular or Mobile Communication ! Cellular Coverage Maps ! Frequency Sharing ! Cellular Handoff ! The Evolution of Mobile Networks ! AMPS 1G ! GSM and CDMA 2G ! GPRS and EDGE ! 3G Technology ! 4G and LTE ! BYOD and the BlackBerry Effect ! The Economic Impact of Mobile IP ! The Business Impact of Mobility ! Business Use Cases ! Any Business Involving the Moving of People or Things ! Delivery (Drop Off) Loss Mitigation ! Information Dissemination ! Enterprise Business Management Applications ! Chapter SUMMARY ! KEY CONCEPTS AND TERMS ! Chapter 3 ASSESSMENT

Chapter 4: Security Threats Overview: Wired, Wireless, and Mobile ! What to Protect? ! General Threat Categories ! Confidentiality ! Integrity ! Availability ! Accountability ! Nonrepudiation ! Threats to Wireless and Mobile Devices ! Data Theft Threats ! Device Control Threats ! System Access Threats ! Risk Mitigation ! Mitigating the Risk of BYOD ! BYOD for Small-to-Medium Businesses ! Defense in Depth ! Authorization and Access Control ! AAA ! Information Security Standards ! ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ! ISO/IEC 27002:2013 ! NIST SP 800-53 ! Regulatory Compliance ! The Sarbanes-Oxley Act ! The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act ! The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act ! The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ! Detrimental Effects of Regulations ! Chapter SUMMARY ! KEY CONCEPTS AND TERMS ! Chapter 4 ASSESSMENT


Chapter 5: How Do WLANs Work? ! WLAN Topologies ! Wireless Client Devices ! 802.11 Service Sets ! The 802.11 Standards ! 802.11 Unlicensed Bands ! Narrowband and Spread Spectrum ! Multipath ! Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum ! Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum ! Wireless Access Points ! How Does a WAP Work? ! WAP Architecture ! Wireless Bridges ! Wireless Workgroup Bridges ! Residential Gateways ! Enterprise Gateways ! Wireless Antennas ! Omnidirectional Antennas ! Semi-Directional Antennas ! Highly Directional Antennas ! MIMO Antennas ! Determining Coverage Area ! Site Surveys ! Spectrum and Protocol Analysis ! Chapter SUMMARY ! KEY CONCEPTS AND TERMS ! Chapter 5 ASSESSMENT

Chapter 6: WLAN and IP Networking Threat and Vulnerability Analysis ! Types of Attackers ! Skilled Versus Unskilled Attackers ! Insiders Versus Outsiders ! Targets of Opportunity Versus Specific Targets ! Scouting for a Targeted Attack ! Physical Security and Wireless Networks ! Social Engineering ! Wardriving ! Rogue Access Points ! Rogue AP Vulnerabilities ! Evil Twins ! Bluetooth Vulnerabilities and Threats ! Bluejacking ! Bluesnarfing ! Bluebugging ! Is Bluetooth Vulnerable? ! Packet Analysis ! Wireless Networks and Information Theft ! Malicious Data Insertion on Wireless Networks ! Denial of Service Attacks ! Peer-to-Peer Hacking over Ad Hoc Networks ! When an Attacker Gains Unauthorized Control ! Chapter SUMMARY ! KEY CONCEPTS AND TERMS ! Chapter 6 ASSESSMENT

Chapter 7: Basic WLAN Security Measures ! Design and Implementation Considerations for Basic Security ! Radio Frequency Design ! Equipment Configuration and Placement ! Interoperability and Layering ! Security Management ! Authentication and Access Restriction ! SSID Obfuscation ! MAC Filters ! Authentication and Association ! VPN over Wireless ! Virtual Local Area Networks ! Data Protection ! Wired Equivalent Privacy ! Wi-Fi Protected Access ! Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 ! Ongoing Management Security Considerations ! Firmware Upgrades ! Physical Security ! Periodic Inventory ! Identifying Rogue WLANs/Wireless Access Points ! Chapter SUMMARY ! KEY CONCEPTS AND TERMS ! Chapter 7 ASSESSMENT

Chapter 8: Advanced WlAN Security Measures ! Establishing and Enforcing a Comprehensive Security Policy ! Centralized Versus Distributed Design and Management ! Remote Access Policies ! Guest Policies ! Quarantining ! Compliance Considerations ! Employee Training and Education ! Implementing Authentication and Access Control ! Extensible Authentication Protocol ! Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service ! Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems ! Protocol Filtering ! Authenticated Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ! Data Protection ! WPA 2 Personal and Enterprise Modes ! Internet Protocol Security ! Virtual Private Networks ! Malware and Application Security ! User Segmentation ! Virtual Local Area Networks ! Guest Access and Passwords ! Demilitarized Zone Segmentation ! Managing Network and User Devices ! Simple Network Management Protocol Version 3 ! Discovery Protocols ! IP Services ! Coverage Area and Wi-Fi Roaming ! Client Security Outside the Perimeter ! Device Management and Use Logons ! Hard Drive Encryption ! Quarantining ! Chapter SUMMARY ! KEY CONCEPTS AND TERMS ! Chapter 8 ASSESSMENT

Chapter 9: WLAN Auditing Tools ! WLAN Discovery Tools ! NetStumbler and InSSIDer ! Kismet ! HeatMapper ! Penetration Testing Tools ! Metasploit ! Security Auditor’s Research Assistant ! Password-Capture and Decryption Tools ! Network Enumerators ! Network Management and Control Tools ! Wireless Protocol Analyzers ! Aircrack-ng ! Airshark ! Network Management System ! WLAN Hardware AuditTools and Antennas ! Hardware Audit Tools ! Antennas ! Attack Tools and Techniques ! Radio Frequency Jamming ! Denial of Service ! Hijacking Devices ! Hijacking a Session ! Network Utilities ! Chapter SUMMARY ! KEY CONCEPTS AND TERMS ! Chapter 9 ASSESSMENT

Chapter 10: WLAN and IP Network Risk Assessment ! Risk Assessment ! Risk Assessment on WLANs ! Other Types of Risk Assessment ! IT Security Management ! Methodology ! Legal Requirements ! Other Justifications for Risk Assessments ! Security Risk Assessment Stages ! Planning ! Information Gathering ! Risk Analysis ! Identifying and Implementing Controls ! Monitoring ! Security Audits ! Chapter SUMMARY ! KEY CONCEPTS AND TERMS ! Chapter 10 ASSESSMENT