ISBN 9781482848038,Wise Up : No Learning Is as Big as Life Itself

Wise Up : No Learning Is as Big as Life Itself


Soni Shalini






Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781482848038

ISBN-10 1482848031

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Number of Pages 218 Pages
Language (English)
My debut book 'Wise Up' is a bringing together of all worldliness and wisdom that heaped upon my soul, as I walked, hand in hand with life, breathing, feeling and touching it, moment by moment. It is not a biography, but whispers of wisdom by handpicked living souls that crossed my path and touched my life. Here, I have tried to paint my experiences into lessons of learning in three compartments, primarily, my childhood, secondly mothers illness and ultimately my soul mate who has been a life coach, in a vibrant, entertaining, amusing but intriguing and inspirational manner. The book is a complete walk through of captivating, alluring and spellbinding stories of value and wisdom, articles of worthiness that showcases gospel of learning, these stories are real life experiences as well as grandmother fables. I believe these gems and jewels will touch the core of your heart, soul and spirit, encouraging you to live an ecstatic, hearty and blissful life.
Soni Shalini 's Wise Up is the maiden venture as an author. She is a freelance life coach writer, who works for one mission and one purpose, to touch and transform, many and myriad lives through the might of her pen. She has graduated from Avila Convent (Patna Womans College), accomplished her Master Degree, followed by a professional degree in Law. Being a conscientious soul, her leanings are messages of human virtues that I am sure will boost the life of the readers.