ISBN 9788171675111,Wise & Wonderful The Animal Alphabet Quiz Book

Wise & Wonderful The Animal Alphabet Quiz Book



Rupa Publications India

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9788171675111

ISBN-10 8171675115


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)


Which Creature Is Attracted To Red-Haired People? Whose Eyes Move Independently Looking In Different Directions At The Same Time? Which Fish Shoots Down Tree Insects With Water Jets? Which Is The Only Bird To Fly Backwards? Which Animal Hums In The Middle Octave Key Of F? Which Lizard Shoots A Stream Of Blood From Its Eyes When Upset? Which Animal'S Babies Eat Each Other In The Womb So That Only Two Are Born? Which Animal Marches In A Caravan When Migrating, Each Holding The One In Front? Which Bird Can Only Eat When Its Head Is Upside Down? Which Fish Swims Sideways. Enter The Fascinating And Bizarre World Of Animals And Test Your Knowledge. Maneka Gandhi Is An Enviornmentalist, Animal Activist, Vegetarian Crusader, Author Of Books From Mythology, Etymology And Law And First Aid Manuals, Columnist, Television And Radio Personality, Chairperson Of People For Animals And Rugmark Which Works To Free Bonded Child Labour, Four Times Member Of Parliament And Minister In Four Cabinets. Her Animal Rights Programmes On Television, 'Heads And Tails' And 'Maneka'S Ark' Have Influenced A Whole Generation, Forming A Strong Animal Welfare Movement In India. She Has Won Landmark Decisions In Environment And Animal Protection, And Passed Path-Breaking Legislations Protecting Coastal Areas And Historical Buildings, Street Children And The Diabled.