ISBN 9780007353255,Wolf Of The Plains

Wolf Of The Plains


Conn Iggulden


Harper Collins



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780007353255

ISBN-10 0007353251


Number of Pages 560 Pages
Language (English)


Wolf Of The Plains is about how the great Mongol warlord Genghis Khan came to become the conqueror that he was later known as, and about his struggles during his rise to power. Summary Of The Book Wolf Of The Plains begins with a man named Yesugei, khan (tribal leader) of the Wolves", who has a son named Temujin. According to the laws of the Wolves, Temujin will inherit his father's throne, but then Yesugei is ambushed and betrayed, leading to the death of the khan. Eeluk, the first bondsman of Yesugei, assumes the position of khan of the Wolves. Knowing that Yesugei's children will challenge his power when they come of age, Eeluk banishes Temujin along with his mother and siblings, hoping that the bitter Mongolian winters will kill the entire family. However, Temujin survives along with his family, and they resist all murder attempts by both rival groups and by the Tartars from the north. Temujin finds others who have been cast out from their tribes, and collects these few men together to form a new tribe, with the express intent of avenging his father's death. The change from being a poverty-stricken young boy to an all-powerful leader is well crafted in Wolf Of The Plains. There are constant fights between Temujin's tribe and the Tartars for food and tools. When one side strikes, the other retaliates. How does Temujin survive the might of the Tartars, and how does he ultimately rise to become supreme leader of all the Mongols, unifying them, and proclaiming himself the great Genghis' Khan? About Conn Iggulden Conn Iggulden was born in 1971 in Northwood. Conn Iggulden has written books such as The Death of Kings, The Field of Swords and The Gods of War. Conn Iggulden is known for writing adventure novels that are steeped in history. He is famous for his historical adventures, not only featuring Genghis Khan but others like Julius Caesar and another novel about Genghis Khan's son, Ogedai. Conn Iggulden studied English at the University of London, after which he became the English Head of Department at Haydon School. He taught there for seven years before writing his first novel. He has also written a book along with his brother Hal, known as the The Dangerous Book for Boys, which was voted at the Galaxy British Book Awards as British Book of The Year.