ISBN 9788178357362,Women Key To Successful Democracy

Women Key To Successful Democracy



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788178357362

ISBN-10 8178357364

Hard Back

Number of Pages 340 Pages
Language (English)
Panchayats played a major role in the implementation of administration and also justice in ancient India, and our history tells us that Grama Panchayats were the bed-rocks for any development activity. Speaking about Grama Swaraj, Gandhiji said, "our native ancient institution like Grama Panchayat should be revived. Ours is a country of self-ruled institutions". Huyen- Tsang of China, the famous traveller of 18th century, wrote highly appreciating our Panchayat Raj System and several historians wrote books analysing this ancient system. But, with the coming of Britishers, this system of decentralisation had been rooted out. Women are not to be treated as weaker segment of society or passive beneficiaries. To improve the status of women and for all-round development of society, it is necessary to harness the full potential of the silent half. Women should be involved at all level in planning, decision making, policy framing and in the implementation of all developmental programmes. Reservation for women in government and in parliamentary process is essential to enable them to influence gender sensitive local planning and implementation. Because of the many facilities, provided, new breed of women politicians in India's small towns is coming up and they become a political force to reckon with in the years to come. They are educated and some favour to be active in public life. Increasing number of these enlightened women, who are articulate and active for making women greater participants in politics. Passage of the Bill is a formality but bringing about awareness is more essential.