ISBN 9788792241085,Women of the Buddha Nuns in Bhutan

Women of the Buddha Nuns in Bhutan



Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788792241085

ISBN-10 8792241085

Hard Back

Number of Pages 136 Pages
Language (English)

The Arts

"Why are you so busy? There is enough time Here we say that people in a hurry have to hurry because they have a short life. We say that all of us experienced all in our previous lives, therefore there is really no need to stress or run after more." Wise man in Thimphu, Bhutan. Buddhist nuns in Bhutan, high up in the Himalayas, far away from Western ideals and realities, live really different and thought-provoking lives. The world of Buddhist nuns living in one of 15 nunneries in Bhutan is the subject of this book of affectionate photographs and personal insights from a group of women who have chosen to spend their lives as nuns. The nuns have opened their hearts to Buddhist life and practice, revealing peace, happiness, harmony and joy within a simple, meaningful way of life. The book provides a richly illustrated, affectionate and very personal insight into the life of Buddhist nuns in Bhutan today.