ISBN 9789350092361,Women Romantic Poets 1785-1832 An Anthology

Women Romantic Poets 1785-1832 An Anthology



Hachette Book Publishing

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789350092361

ISBN-10 9350092360

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Number of Pages 50 Pages
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Hidden from history: twenty-six women poets from anage and art dominated by menThe Romantic period usually brings to mind names like Shelley andByron, but alongside them many women published poetry, only to beneglected by the critics and compilers of later ages. None of thewriters included here is a household name, yet their work has survivedand in this broad anthology reveals itself in its diversity and originality- from well-to-do intellectuals, such as Hannah More and AnneHunter, to Ann Yearsley, a former dairymaid, and CharlotteRichardson, a cook and housemaid. In their depiction of Nature andin their adoption of domestic life as a fitting subject for poetry,Joanna Ballie's pre-Wordsworthian plea for an everyday languagefound its everyday subject.With introduction, notes and chronology of thepoets and the times