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Wonders In Words



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ISBN 9788183071437

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If all you know about a word is its spelling and its meaning, you sometimes don't know the half of it. As a matter of fact, you don't know its parents are, who its relatives are, or what pictures may be hidden somewhere within it.?
Do you know how a flower, this sign *, a spaceman and an accident are all related?
The flower is an aster which is Greek for star. The star-shaped sign is an asterisk. Another name for spaceman is astronaut, literally a sailor among the stars, and an accident is a disaster-something that happens contrary to the ?lucky? stars under which you were born.
About the Author
Maxwell Nurberg is an Adjunct Associated Professor of English at New York University, lecturer at Brooklyn College and former chairman of the English Department at Abraham Lincoln high School in Brooklyn, New York. Mr Nurnberg has written many adult books about language, including All About Words & How to Build a Better Vocabulary.