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Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9781598697193

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Featuring word games like chronograms, scramblers, and anagrams for varying abilities, Mind Ticklerz: Word Games challenges you to: Decode famous quotes like: "To err is human, to forgive is divine." Alexander Pope Decipher anagrams of famous names like: Hug Gores Web Name that phobia like: Apiophobia Crack the riddle of the Sphinx Climb a word ladder ' invented by Alice in Wonderland and mathematician Lewis Carroll With hundreds of different word games spanning all category types and difficulty levels, you're sure to find puzzles that please your puzzle obsession! About The Author Charles Timmerman is the founder of, a word game website, and the author of many Everything puzzle books, including The Everything Mazes Book, The Everything Movie Crosswords Book, The Everything Pencil Puzzles Book, The Everything Word Search Book, and The Everything Word Scramble Book. He lives in Pasadena, CA. Table of Contents Scramblers: Unscramble the words in these quotes Unscramble the words in these categories Reassemble the letter blocks Rearrange the words in these quotes Anagrams: Anagrams of famous people Anagrams of places Anagram pairs What's in a name': Find the four-letter words Find the five-letter words Find the six-letter words Find the seven-letter words Find the eight-letter words The meaning of names: Name that famous person Name these animals Name these phobias Name by category Names with common endings Logogriphs: Beheadments Curtailments Syncopations Transadditions Word ladders: Three-letter word ladders Four-letter word ladders Five-letter word ladders Acrostics: Single acrostics Double acrostics Acrostic sayings Inside words: Charades Containers Ghosts Hidden words First names Missing pieces: Abbreviated saying Abbreviated cinema Formulaics Triplets: Around the house triplets Outdoors triplets Media triplets Strictly business triplets Eat and drink triplets Occupations triplets Inky pinkys: Single-syllable rhymes Double-syllable rhymes Homophone fun: Homophone pairs Sounds similar Dictionary fun: Spelling bee The age of words Word know-it-all: Easier words Harder words Phone numbers: Five-digit numbers Six-digit numbers Word numbers: Roman numeral chronograms Number name chronograms Cryptarithms Word logic: Dr. rational Letter states The riddler: Riddles Enigmas Letter rebuses Advanced challenge: Anagram titles Multiple transadditons Six-letter word ladders Four-letter ghosts Quintuplest Answers Appendix A: Web Sites for Puzzlers