ISBN 9788183071154,Word Origins And Their Romantic Stories

Word Origins And Their Romantic Stories



Goyal Publishers And Distributors

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788183071154

ISBN-10 8183071155


Language (English)

Language Learning & Teaching

Have you ever wondered how the word alimony came into being? Or what the word bread meant originally? If these and other questions have popped into your mind during the course of any of your literary indulgences, Word Origins And Their Romantic Stories is a book that will keep you hooked from the first page till the last.
Wilfred Funk has taken pains to see that the reader doesn't have to and this is apparent in every page of Word Origins And Their Romantic Stories. The book is written in a very light manner, with engrossing stories of each word mentioned in it, so much so, that most people refer to it as a 'fun read' rather than a technical discourse, exactly as the author intended it.
Though the contents are still of a factual basis, it has been composed in a way that is as entertaining as fiction. The reader gets access to the life stories of thousands of words, facts about their origins and development, and the history of how their has changed over the years to give one an idea of how English grew to be the language it is today.
As with many of Wilfred Funk's books, Word Origins And Their Romantic Stories was well received by people and was an Outlet bestseller even in its previous editions.
About the author :-
Wilfred Funk was a poet, author and lexicographer.
Love, Life, and Laughter, It Might Be Verse, The Inn, and Six Weeks to Words of Power are among his other books.
Wilfred Funk was born the only son of Isaac Kaufmann Funk, the founder of Funk & Wagnalls. Wilfred would later go on to become the president of the firm himself, also founding a publishing company, Wilfred Funk, Inc. Wilfred graduated from Princeton University in 1909 and married Eleanor Hawkins in 1915. He resided in Manhattan. Wilfred succumbed to arteriosclerosis in 1965 in New Jersey.