ISBN 9780593073223,Words of Command (Hervey 12)

Words of Command (Hervey 12)


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9780593073223

ISBN-10 0593073223


Number of Pages 360 Pages
Language (English)

Historical fiction

January 1830, and one of the hardest winters in memory ...And the prime minister, the Iron Duke, is resisting growing calls for parliamentary reform, provoking scenes of violent unrest in the countryside. But there are no police outside London and most of the yeomanry regiments, to whom the authorities had always turned when disorder threatened, have been disbanded as an economy measure. Against this inflammable backdrop Lieutenant-Colonel Matthew Hervey, recently returned from an assignment in the Balkans, takes command of his regiment, the 6th Light Dragoons. His fears that things might be a little dull are quickly dispelled by the everyday business of vexatious officers, difficult choices over which NCOs to promote not to mention the incendiarists on the doorstep of the King himself. But its when the Sixth are sent to Brussels for the fifteenth anniversary celebrations of the battle of Waterloo and find themselves caught up in the Belgian uprising against Dutch rule that the excitement really starts. Will Hervey be able to keep out of the fighting - a war that would lead, nearly a century later, to Britains involvement in an altogether different war - while safeguarding his countrys interests? Not likely!
About the Author: Allan Mallinson
Allan Mallinson is a former army officer of thirty-five years service worldwide. As well as the bestselling Matthew Hervey series of novels, he is the author of Light Dragoons, a history of four regiments of British Cavalry, one of which he commanded, the acclaimed The Making of the British Army and the award-winning 1914: Fight The Good Fight: Britain, The Army and the Coming of the First World War. He writes on defence matters for The Times and regularly reviews for The Times and Spectator.