ISBN 9788132103141,Working WomenStories of Strife, Struggle and Survival

Working WomenStories of Strife, Struggle and Survival


S Balaram


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132103141

ISBN-10 8132103149


Number of Pages 288 Pages
Language (English)

Research methods: general

Thinking Design looks at ??design?? in its broadest sense and shows how design originates in ??human need?? which is not only physical but also psychological, socio-cultural, ecological and spiritual. The book calls for broad-based, socially integrated designs with a large global vision that offer creative solutions to a variety of subjects rather than providing multiplicity of objects. Exploring the course taken by design during the time of Gandhi and in the following era, the author advocates the need for service- or process-oriented designs in contrast to product-oriented designs. The book explores the history of traditional design and its evolution. On one hand it takes the reader through the cultural-roots of design, and, on the other, it explores new technologies and their applications in design. A remarkable feature of the book is the way its narrative is enlivened with case studies detailing design inventions, interspersed with tales of Mullah Nasiruddin that provide a tongue-in-cheek take on aspects of design. This book will be an insightful reference for design professionals, academics and students in institutes conducting research on design and for those in the industrial/technical design departments of Engineering colleges. Table of Contents Foreword by GASTON ROBERGE Introduction I: DESIGN: NATURE AND POWER The Wonder That Is: The Context of Designing Modern Indian Design: The Roots The Power of Representation: Semiotics for Mass Movement Fitting the Man to the Task: The Design Training Paradox II: DESIGN: HUMAN PERSPECTIVES AND CONCERNS Design and Rule: Design Colonisation Politics is not a Four-letter Word: The Impact of State Policies and Politics on Design Tools for Change: Learning from the Artisans For the People, By the People: Design without Designers The Barefoot Designer: Design as Service to Rural People III: DESIGN: NEW DIMENSIONS AND THE FUTURE QWER: Freedom in Design Leave Well Enough Alone: The Need for Restraint in Designing Invisible Design: The Alternative Approaches IV: DESIGN REALISATIONS: CASE STUDIES : The Case Studies Design Pedagogy in India: A Perspective References Notes on Select Figures Index