ISBN 9781107670051,World Around Us Level - 1

World Around Us Level - 1



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781107670051

ISBN-10 1107670055


Number of Pages 112 Pages
Language (English)

Knowledge and Learning

Key Features

Set Sail At The Start Of The Chapter To Lead The Learner To The Main Topic
Did You Know To Give Information Beyond The Text
I Learnt At The End Of The Chapter For Recapitulation
Exercises Clearly Marked Under Formative And Summative Assessments
New Words Learnt In Books 3, 4 And 5 Explain The Meaning Of Difficult Words
Green Box In Books 3,4 And 5 Contain Information On Environmental Awareness
Get Going At The End Of Each Chapter Is A Revision Exercise In The Form Of Games, Picture Study Or Quiz
Teacher Tip At The End Of The Chapter To Facilitate Teaching The Topic More Effectively
Examples Taken From The Learners Immediate World For Easier Identification
Teachers Manual With Additional Teaching And Testing Material
About The Bookworld Around Us Level -1 : Student Book -Primary Social Studies

The World Around Us Is A Comprehensive Primary Social Studies Series For Classes 1 To 5. The Series Gives A Basic Introduction Of History, Civics And Geography To Prepare The Learners For The Middle School Years Where These Subjects Would Be An Important Component Of The Curriculum. The Series Will Equip Them With The Knowledge To Understand The Past, To Cope With The Present And To Plan For The Future. It Will Also Help Them To Participate Effectively Whether In Their Play Group, The School, The Community, Or The World.


1. Myself
2. My Family
3. My Home
4. Types Of Houses
5. Roles In The Family
6. My School
7. My Classroom
8. Our Neighbourhood
9. People Who Help Us
10. Domestic Animals
11. Homes Of Animals
12. Wild Animals
13. Plant Life
14. Getting To Places
15. Safety On The Road
16. Festivals
17. We All Need Water
18. Clothes We Wear
19. Good Habits
20. Air
21. Our Universe
22. Inspiring Lives