ISBN 9789384052881,World Cinema and the Ethics of Realism

World Cinema and the Ethics of Realism


Lucia Nagib



Bloomsbury Publishing

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789384052881

ISBN-10 9384052884

Hard Back

Number of Pages 312 Pages
Language (English)


World Cinema and the Ethics of Realism is a highly original study. Traditional views of cinematic realism usually draw on the so-called classical cinema and its allegiance to narrative mimesis, but Nagib challenges this, drawing instead on the film-maker's commitment to truth and to the film mediums material bond with the real.

Starting from the premise that world cinema's creative peaks are governed by an ethics of realism, Nagib conducts comparative case studies picked from world new waves, such as the Japanese New Wave, the French nouvelle vague, the Cinema Novo, the New German Cinema, the Russo-Cuban Revolutionary Cinema, the Portuguese self-performing auteur and the Inuit Indigenous Cinema. Drawing upon Badiou and Ranciere, World Cinema and the Ethics of Realism revisits and reformulates several fundamental concepts in film studies, such as illusionism, identification, apparatus, alienation effects, presentation and representation. Its groundbreaking scholarship takes film theory in a bold new direction.