ISBN 9788183762939,World Economic Development

World Economic Development


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Abd Publishers

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788183762939

ISBN-10 818376293X


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The transformation of the world economy in the course of the twentieth century would have been impossible for even the most acute observer living in 1900 to forecast or perhaps even to imagine. Outpur per capita, the structure of production, and the domestic and international financial systems that sustained the growth of economic activity over this period have been altered almost beyond recognition. This book provides an overview of some of these changes, the connections between them, and the major policy implications. Any account of these profound changes is, by necessity, selective. The discussion focuses in three broad interrelted areas. This book provides deep insight into various dimensions of isseus relating to the subject. About the Author Nand Kishore Prasad holds Master's degree in Economics and Ph.D on his doctoral thesis ?Economic Scenario in Globalized World: A Financial Perspective?. He is Head of the Dept of Economics at L.N. College, Bhagwanpur, Vaishali, (Bihar). He has 12 years of vast teaching experience. Under his patronage, many students have completed their Ph.D. His areas of interest include Business Cycle, Keynesian Economics, World Economy and Sources of Public Finance. He has several books to his credit and has presented papers in seminars and workshops. Renowned dailies and periodicals frequently publish his articles. Table of Contents The Roman Empire and its Economy Measuring and Interpreting World Economic Performance 1500-2001 Economy in the Age of Discovery Political Arithmeticians and Historical Demographers: The Pioneers of Macro-Measurement Word Economic Development Rise of Capitalism Global Trends 2030