ISBN 9780495187073,World Politics: Trend and Transformation

World Politics: Trend and Transformation


Cengage Leaning



Cengage Leaning

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780495187073

ISBN-10 0495187070


Edition 11th
Number of Pages 688 Pages
Language (English)

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World Politics: Trend and Transformation" is the best selling text in International Relations, because of its trusted balance in coverage and approach, unmatched by any other text for the course. By analyzing both historical and contemporary trends and developments, utilizing theoretical concepts, and weaving in the interactions of global actors, "World Politics: Trend and Transformation" resists the temptation to overly simplify world politics, presenting the material in a thought-provoking yet accessible manner while preparing students to assess the possibilities for the global future and its potential impact on their lives. The major theories scholars use to explain the dynamics underlying international relations - realism, liberalism, and their variants - frame the text. At the same time, this book incorporates the reconstructed theories newly advanced to interpret contemporary developments (such as constructivism and feminist theory) and resists the temptation to oversimplify world politics with a superficial treatment that would mask complexities and distort realities. In addition, major actors and current issues such as global welfare, international economics, ecology, and the environment are covered, as well as issues of global conflict, including the changing face of terrorism, national security, warfare, and approaches to peace.