ISBN 9789382961857,XAT Simplified 2014 (Past Papers + Mock Tests + Vocabulary + General Awareness)

XAT Simplified 2014 (Past Papers + Mock Tests + Vocabulary + General Awareness)


Disha Experts


Disha Publication



Disha Publication

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789382961857

ISBN-10 9382961852


Number of Pages 685 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

XAT Simplified 2014 (Past Papers + Mock Tests + Vocabulary + General Awareness) - a set of 2 books - Target XAT 2014 (Past Papers 2005 - 2013 + 5 Mock Tests + General Awareness) and 50 COOL STORIES 3000 HOT WORDS. The XAT paper has seen a lot of changes - firstly the introduction of Decision-making case studies and now the General Awareness questions based on business environment (economics, politics and business - HUMANITIES). Book 1: Target XAT 2014 (Past Papers 2005 - 2013 + 5 Mock Tests + General Awareness) contains the detailed solutions of the XAT 2005 to till date. The book also contains 5 Mock tests designed exactly as per the NEW XAT. Each Mock Test has 2 parts. Part I contains questions on Decision Making, English Language & Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Ability whereas Part 2 contains Essay Writing and GK questions. A special QUESTION BANK on General Awareness has been provided as an extra help to the aspirants. The book also contains the list of essays asked in the last 10 years of XAT and a list of essays for practice. A special QUESTION BANK on General Awareness containing questions on Business Environment, Economics and Polity has been provided as an additional section in the book. The pattern of conceptual questions asked in the General Awareness section of the XAT 2013 Question Paper matched with the questions provided in the last edition of Disha’s Target New XAT book. Looking at the format of XAT 2013 an additional set of questions on General Awareness based on Current Affairs is being introduced in the book. This section will definitely help the students in cracking XAT. TABLE OF CONTENTS Solved Papers XAT - 2013 with Solutions XAT - 2012 with Solutions XAT - 2011 with Solutions XAT - 2010 with Solutions XAT - 2009 with Solutions XAT - 2008 with Solutions XAT - 2007 [Memory Based] with Solutions XAT - 2006 [Memory Based] with Solutions XAT - 2005 [Memory Based] with Solutions Mock Papers Mock XAT 1 Mock XAT 2 Mock XAT 3 Mock XAT 4 Mock XAT 5 Detailed Solutions Mock XAT 1 to 5 General Awareness Question Bank Set 1 - Conceptual Questions General Awareness Question Bank Set 2 - Current Questions Book 2: The second book "50 COOL STORIES, 3000 HOT WORDS" is a unique book based on the Learning through Contextual Usage strategy. The book is an excellent compilation of 50 titillating stories from diverse areas like, Law, Business, Linguistics, Media, Movies, Sports, Polity, Economics, sociology, technology, etc. The stories provide usage of 3000 words very useful to crack the vocabulary section of the exam. At the end of each story the author provides the words, their meaning, synonyms etc. The book provides multiple benefits to the aspirants in terms of a good reading, inputs for the interview and group discussions, general awareness for the Part 2 of XAT - essay writing and the GK questions. The book also offers multiple benefits to the readers. Improves Vocabulary Improves General Awareness Improves Reading Skills Teaches Contextual Usage Inputs for Essay Writing Inputs for GD/ PI Improves Socio-economic Awareness Updates on Current Trend & Issues Cool & Interesting Reading Table of Contents Foreword 1 Foreword 2 Preface Story 1 Thank God For My Average Looks Story 2 How Television Makes or breaks a sport? Story 3 Terraforming Story 4 The Asian Skycraper Mania Story 5 Where Adult Fear to Tread Story 6 Think Global, Eat Local Story 7 Peer Pressure Story 8 Vocal Wisdom Story 9 Pseudonyms Story 10 The Dream Team Conundrum Story 11 The 10 Percent Brain Myth Story 12 Baby, You Can Take My Heart (I am Getting a Transplant !) Story 13 Whats on and Whats Off? Story 14 The Second World War Story 15 The Reality Circus Story 16 Is the Keyboard Mightier than the Pen? Story 17 Smartness is a many Splendored Thing Story 18 The Battle of Brands Story 19 Flying in Red Ink Story 20 Home Smart Home Story 21 The Shakespeare Controversy Story 22 Are 3d Movies worth it? Story 23 Prisoners of Cyberia Story 24 The Gifts of War Story 25 Celebrating their Way to the Banks Story 26 The Glass Ceiling Story 27 Technology Leapfrogging Story 28 Shopaholism Story 29 The Killer Sports Story 30 Stereotypes Story 31 Bonds are not Forever Story 32 Lean and Mean I’m Polythene Story 33 The Case of the Jury vs. The Judge Story 34 The Statistical Liar Story 35 The Cold War Story 36 Are Newspapers also an Endangered Species? Story 37 Politically Correct Story 38 Another Brick in the Mall Story 39 Are We Getting Taller? Story 40 Internet Killed the Rock Star Story 41 Peculiar Social Customs Story 42 A Concept Car Doesn’t Go Far Story 43 What is Hypnosis? Story 44 Idiot Box Turns Brainy Beauty Story 45 Canine Commando Story 46 The Homemaker Entrepreneur Story 47 China, The Second Super Power Story 48 Extinction of Species Story 49 Bric Work Story 50 Going to the Movies GLOSSARY