ISBN 9780763647186,Yes Jez Alborough: Childern's Story Collection

Yes Jez Alborough: Childern's Story Collection


Jez Alborough


Roli Books



Roli Books

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780763647186

ISBN-10 0763647187


Number of Pages 80 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

YES (Hardcover) "Yes!" Bobo loves bath time. But when Mummy comes to put him to bed, Bobo says "No!" Will the naughty little chimp ever get out of the bath and snuggle down to sleep? HUG (Board Book)Bobo needs a hug. But his friends don't seem to understand. "Hug," he implores, time and again. Time and again his puzzled pals-from the smallest chameleon to the tallest giraffe-shrug and cuddle with their jungle mothers. As the lonely chimp's plea escalates, his friends grow concerned. Can the elephants lead Bobo to his heart's desire? TALL (Board Book) Bobo the baby chimp is walking through the jungle. Everyone seems to be taller than he is! So he climbs on top of a lizard, a lion cub, an elephant and even a giraffe in his attempt to be tallest...until he wobbles, and wobbles...and slips! Luckily, mummy is there to rescue him. Bobo realizes that sometimes the size you are is the size you're meant to be