ISBN 9788126555178,Yoga All-In-One For Dummies

Yoga All-In-One For Dummies



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788126555178

ISBN-10 8126555173


Number of Pages 584 Pages
Language (English)

Healthy Living & Wellness

Yoga Has Been Bringing Health And Peace Of Mind To Millions Of People For Five Millennia. Yoga All-In-One For Dummies Is More Comprehensive And Content-Heavy Than Anything Else On The Market. It'S A Complete Compendium, The Best Of The Best Content In Clear, Concise For Dummies Style.

Featuring -
Yoga For Dummies, 3Rd Edition
Power Yoga For Dummies
Yoga With Weights For Dummies
Meditation For Dummies, 3Rd Edition
Stretching For Dummies
Mind, Body Fitness For Dummies And/Or Mindfulness For Dummies.
Table Of Contents :-
Book I - Getting Started With Yoga Principles
Chapter 1: Yoga 101: Building A Foundation
Chapter 2: Yoga And The Mind-Body Connection
Chapter 3: Preparing For A Fruitful Yoga Practice

Book Ii - Basic Yoga Techniques And Postures
Chapter 1: The Fundamentals Of Yogic Breathing
Chapter 2: Please Be Seated
Chapter 3: Standing Tall
Chapter 4: Steady As A Tree: Mastering Balance
Chapter 5: Absolutely Abs
Chapter 6: Looking At The World Upside-Down: Safe Inversion Postures
Chapter 7: Classic Bending Floor Postures
Chapter 8: Several Twists On The Yoga Twist
Chapter 9: Dynamic Postures: The Rejuvenation Sequence And Sun Salutation
Chapter 10: Basic Preparation, Compensation, And Rest Poses

Book Iii - Yoga For Life
Chapter 1: A Recommended Beginners' Routine For Men And Women
Chapter 2: Yoga For Kids And Teens
Chapter 3: It'S Never Too Late: Yoga For Midlifers And Older Adults

Book Iv - Powering Your Way To Fitness: Power Yoga
Chapter 1: Key Principles Of Power Yoga
Chapter 2: Preparing With Powerful Warm-Ups
Chapter 3: Taking A Walk In The Park: A Minimum Power Routine
Chapter 4: Following Buddha'S Way: A Moderate Power Routine
Chapter 5: Staying Young: Power Yoga For Seniors

Book V - Yoga-Ing Your Way To A Toned Body: Yoga With Weights
Chapter 1: Introducing Yoga With Weights
Chapter 2: Warming Up For Your Yoga With Weights Workout
Chapter 3: From Head To Toe: The Balanced Workout
Chapter 4: Waking Up Your Mind And Body: The Energy Workout
Chapter 5: Exercises For Seniors

Book Vi - Ancient Practices In The Modern World: Hot Trends In Yoga
Chapter 1: Partnering Up For Yoga
Chapter 2: Yoga Against The Wall
Chapter 3: Yoga Off The Mat, In The Heat, And Outside The Box

Book Vii - Meditation, Mindfulness, And Letting Go Of Stress
Chapter 1: How Your Mind Stresses You Out And What You Can Do About It
Chapter 2: Relaxed Like A Noodle: The Fine Art Of Letting Go Of Stress
Chapter 3: Getting Acquainted With Meditation
Chapter 4: Mindfulness Meditation: Awareness Of The Here And Now
Chapter 5: Meditating With Challenging Emotions
Chapter 6: Cultivating Spirituality