ISBN 9789382951711,You Can Win: A Step-by-Step Tool for Top Achievers

You Can Win: A Step-by-Step Tool for Top Achievers


Shiv Khera



Bloomsbury Publishing

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789382951711

ISBN-10 9382951717


Number of Pages 294 Pages
Language (English)


You Can Win: A Step By Step Tool For Top Achievers is a best-selling self-help book by motivational speaker Shiv Khera. Summary of the Book Success is a hard commodity to obtain. However, like everything in our lives, it only needs careful planning, and deliberation. All success is deliberate, reveals Shiv Khera, and there is nothing magical about winning. Using common sense and varying lessons taken from ancient wisdom to modern philosophy, he shows how we can deal with issues of our daily lives, and how we can turn otherwise bad situations into good ones. He helps readers take charge of their lives, and decide for themselves how they wish to go forwards in situations they once thought were terrible. Transforming negative thoughts into positive ones is the key, he reveals, and this book follows his motto of translating thoughts into winning actions. The atttitude, motivation, interpersonal skills, self esteem and the subconscious mind are all that matter, and it is this that the book tries to teach readers. After all, he tells us, winners don't do different things. They just do ordinary things differently. About Shiv Khera Shiv Khera is an Indian leadership skills trainer and author of self-help books. Inspired by Norman Vincent Peale, Khera has written several books on the topics of success and fulfillment, including: Living With Honor and Freedom is Not Free. Shiv Khera donned a series of roles from car washer and a life insurance agent to a franchise operator before becoming a motivational speaker and trainer. He is also set to appear in the upcoming inspirational film Carve Your Destiny, directed by Anubhav Srivastava. TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface Acknowledgements Importance of Attitude: Winners's Edge Build A Positive Attitude: Reaching Your Destination Success: Winning Strategies Attributes of Success: Path of Success What is Holding us Back?: Fear and Self-doubt Motivation: Motivating Yourself and other everyday Self-Esteem: Identify Positive and Negative Behaviours Steps on Building High Self-Esteem: Foundation to Sucess Interpersonal Skills: Building a Pleasing Personality Build a Positive Personality: Simpe but Effective Steps Subconscious Mind: Form Positive Habits and Character Goal Setting: Set and Achieve your Goals Values and Vision: Values Guide Decisions