ISBN 9788130922751,Young Learners English - Flash Cards Phonics

Young Learners English - Flash Cards Phonics


Roma Jain


Viva Books Pvt Ltd

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Viva Books Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788130922751

ISBN-10 8130922754


Language (English)


Flash cards are effective tools to teach the young learners concepts with ease as children learn much faster and retain much better when taught with the help of pictures, games and activities. The books of flash cards have been developed keeping this in mind. The flash cards given in the books have been colourfully designed and appropriately labelled. The ideal way to use these flash cards is to first name the pictures on the cards and then ask the children to repeat after you. This will help to improve their vocabulary and enhance their observation and communication skills. The perforated flash cards can be easily detached and kept in a box in separate piles, bound together by rubber bands. They can be reused any number of times to play games given in the books as well as the ones you can develop.