ISBN 9788184956139,Your Past Lives

Your Past Lives



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788184956139

ISBN-10 8184956134


Number of Pages 252 Pages
Language (English)


A Transformational Journey of Self-discovery and Healing Develop a greater understanding of: Who you are Where you come from Where are you going Providing evidence of the validity of past lives, this self-help guide delves deeply into past life regression and offers a thorough understanding of each step of the process. Through detailed transcripts of actual sessions, ordinary people speak candidly about their experiences with this form of self-discovery. Confirming that she has gone through the same journey to healing, Lorraine Flaherty incorporates stories of her own past lives to illustrate the ways these insights can aid in clearing away mental clutter, help to form better decisions, enable one to become more empowered and put one's life on the right path. With a compelling and down-to-earth approach, this remarkable discussion illustrates the ways that any reader – from the idly curious to the serious spiritual seeker – can develop a greater understanding of who they are, where they come from, and where they are going. Lorraine Flaherty is a transformational therapist who uses a process she developed called Inner Freedom Therapy, which incorporates the tools of NLP hypnotherapy, past life therapy, future life progression, life between lives, inner child work and spirit release therapy.

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