ISBN 9780007479573,Your Personal Horoscope 2014

Your Personal Horoscope 2014



harper collins publisher india

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9780007479573

ISBN-10 0007479573


Number of Pages 400 Pages
Language (English)

Star signs & horoscopes

Your Personal Horoscope 2014 is a book that guides readers through the various predictions and what to expect in 2014. This is an in-depth analysis of each zodiac sign and prepares one to for future events.

This is a single volume horoscope guidebook which provides insight about life, career and love. It provides a personalized horoscope for each reader and also allows one to plan ahead. This book ensures no opportunities are missed and one is able to make the best of the year.

The book deals with personality profiles, understanding the zodiac sign and particular events to look forward to for each zodiac sign.

Your Personal Horoscope 2014 contains a detailed astrological map, a personality profile for every zodiac sign as well as different types of forecasts. This includes health, love, wealth, home, family and social life. This also includes monthly predictions of what to expect in terms of money, love, failures and success.

About Joseph Polansky

Joseph Polansky is an American astrologer who is best known for his Your Personal Horoscope series. His published works include Pendulum Power, The Magic Stone, An Esoteric View of the 12 Signs, The Graduate, Sun Sign Successand A Technique for Meditation.

He is currently the editor of The Astrologer’s Notebook and Diamond Fire. His books have been translated in several languages from Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch and German. He has been an astrologer for more than 30 years. Polansky also teaches Meditation. He currently lives in Florida.