ISBN 9780070446878,Your Unix : The Ultimate Guide

Your Unix : The Ultimate Guide



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780070446878

ISBN-10 0070446873


Number of Pages 918 Pages
Language (English)

Programming languages||

An excellent pedagogical aid and extensive reference material, Your Unix : The Ultimate Guide is a great text for any course on UNIX. It is an ideal book for introductory courses in programming that include UNIX and at the same time for advanced courses including those on system administration and operation systems. Your Unix : The Ultimate Guide maintains a didactic tone throughout enlightening the reader and giving references on the perfect approach on how to go about something in UNIX. The real-world instances and examples the book gives makes it easier for anyone referring to it to get a good grip of the concepts. While it definitely offers beginners a fair share of the pie, the advanced chapters also help those experienced in the system to go beyond the basics. What also fetches the book some more brownie points is the fact that it comes straight to the point for the theoretical aspects without delving too deep into details where unnecessary. The more than 900 exercises and self-test questions in the book allow readers to reinforce and test their understanding of the concepts at various levels. Each chapter kickstarts with bulleted points that frame the chapter objectives and hence familiarize readers with what they can expect to be covered in the coming part. Likewise, the list of important terms that appears at the bottom of each chapter provides a good review of the chapter. In fact, Your Unix : The Ultimate Guide is not just a tool to learn, it is a great reference book as well with an array of indices and appendices and the coverage of the latest topics. Professionals will also find useful the coverage of the Korn, Bourne, C shells and bash highlighted in different sections of the book with exhaustive information. It also features chapters on the difference between Linux and UNIX. Overall, a great book for readers, especially, those who are contemplating on trying Linux or Unix, Your Unix : The Ultimate Guide is definitely worth a dekko. Published in 2001, it has been praised for the author Sumitabha Das' style of writing - one that gives a meticulous explanation of every topic in a precise manner with the idea of making the book a self-study point. About the author :- Sumitabha Das did his engineering in electronics from Calcutta University in 1977. Some of the books he's written are Unix, A Database Approach, Featuring System V Release 4, Unix and Concepts And Applications. He developed an interest and liking for UNIX while he was working with the Ministry of Defence. He currently teaches UNIX and Systems Programming.