ISBN 9789384419202,Zindagi Aais Pais

Zindagi Aais Pais


Nikhil Sachan


Hind Yugm



Hind Yugm

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789384419202

ISBN-10 9384419206


Number of Pages 144 Pages
Language (Hindi)

Short stories

Zindagi Aais Pais, a short story collection, is Nikhil's second book after the remarkable success of his debut book 'Namak Swadanusar'. In this book, Nikhil continues taking his readers along for a journey which try to solve the riddles of basic human existence - riddles of love, of childhood's lost and found, of relationships and of our day to day trials.

His characters vary from a gangster who chooses love over looting, a couple trying to steal their first kiss in a right-wing nightmare, children playing one-tip one-hand cricket to an early jobber trying to rise above his mundane job to an old man contemplating the purpose of life after getting replaced by technology.

Nikhil's characters are immensely relatable and his stories are his voice speaking out your own stories. This book reminds you of the smell of summer sunshine hitting garden leaves and takes you to back to a kinder gentler and simpler time.